Phil Lowles

Raffle posters

I have hosted several charity raffles at conventions over the past 10 years including WorldCons in USA and Australia, with prizes such as books, t-shirts and games, some of which were donated by George RR Martin. To help advertise a raffle I would produce a poster with all the prizes and details. These posters range in size from A4 to A2.

WorldCon 2010: Melbourne WorldCon 2010 BWB charity raffle poster
Octocon 2010: Dublin Octocon 2010: Dublin BWB charity raffle poster
Belfast Moot 2010 Belfast Moot 2010 charity raffle poster
WorldCon 2011: Reno WorldCon 2011 BWB charity raffle poster
Belfast 2014 Belfast 2014 TitanCon raffle poster