Phil Lowles

Web development

With over eight years' experience in a web production and development team at Macmillan Publishers and Lexis Nexis, I have a solid understanding of web technologies and development. I am available immediately and actively looking for work right now.

Please see my portfolio for examples of my web development work.

Please contact me if you would like to discuss a job opportunity or if you would like to hire me to develop a website application for you. My rates are reasonable, turnaround times are fast (depending on the scale of the project of course).




Nov 2018 - Current

Integrations Consultant

World Business Centre 2,
Newall Road,
  • Configuring connections between customers using Adaptris Interlok (XML based config) and creating XSL transformations to convert from various different input formats (xml, json, edi) into an intermediate XML format and then another XSL transformation into the required output format.
  • Languages: XML, XSLT, JSON, EDI
  • Software: Oxygen XML editor, GIT version control, Confluence, Teams
  • Agile based project management methodology

Lexis Nexis

May 2016 - Jul 2018

XML/XSL Content Engineer

Lexis House,
30 Farringdon
  • Converting Word documents into web ready XML using XSLt
  • Lexis Nexis is a prestigious law firm and publisher with a history that can be traced back 200 years, they are part of Reed Elsevier Group
  • Worked on several prominent journals and publications including Halsbury's Laws of England and All England Law Reports
  • Languages: XML, XSLT
  • Software: Oxygen XML editor, GIT version control using Sourcetree
  • Agile based project management methodology
  • Created an Excel spreadsheet to track bugs, time taken to complete bugs broken down by Severity and monthly team perfomance rates


Jun 2014 - Apr 2016

Freelance Web Designer

Worked on freelance projects including: African Victory (a local African cuisine restaurant), 3rd Basingstoke Boys' Brigade ( and TitanCon (

Macmillan - Nature Publishing Group

Feb 2012 - Jun 2014

Web Production Developer

Salary: £31,452

Brunel Road,
RG21 6XS
  • Maintaining and troubleshooting the XBuilder page building system that converts source XML into HTML using XSL Transformation
  • Developing processes for new functionalities
  • Languages: XML, XSLT, HTML, CSS. Also learned JAVA and JQuery
  • Software: Oxygen XML editor, Eclipse, GIT version control
  • JIRA bug tracking system to log work and assign tasks
  • Agile based project management methodology
  • Unit testing
  • Developed process for output of citation documents in various formats
  • Created and led a training programme in CSS for my team members

Macmillan - Nature Publishing Group

Jun 2008 - Feb 2012

Web Production Editor

Brunel Road,
RG21 6XS
  • Responsible for online publication of scientific journals including British Journal of Cancer (BJC) and European Molecular Biology Journal (EMBOJ)
  • HTML and CSS error checking and correction
  • Image manipulation using Adobe Photoshop
  • Worked on website redesign project for EMBOJ and EMBOR
  • Worked on archive conversion and update projects for various journals


Online training

2012 - 2016

I keep up to date on the latest technology developments with online training from websites like W3 Schools and Code Academy - including completion of courses in: HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, JQuery, Ruby, SQL, PHP and Python. Have also learned responsive frameworks (Bootstrap, W3 CSS) and CSS pre-processors (Sass, Less). There is always more to learn in this profession!

PTR Training (Wokingham)


Fundamentals of Computer Programming using JAVA

Nov 2012

XML: XSL Transformations

Dec 2010

Computeach Training

Nov 2005 - Apr 2007

CIW Designer (Stage 4: Design Methodology)

Pass - 90%

CIW Associate (Stages 1-3: Foundations)

Pass - 95%

IC3 Computing Fundamentals



Nature Nature Journal website
I worked at Macmillan Publishing for six years in a web production and development team. Read more about the daily tasks I undertook for the Nature Journal website including xBuilder maintenance, journal redesign projects, and learning new skills and technologies.
TitanCon database TitanCon database
A custom built XML database that utilises a functionality in the Firefox web browser to use XSLT to query the XML database. This results in a very fast operating results window that I have customised to display information on attendees, produce sales reports, and output personalised email confirmations.
Animated Timeline Map Animated Timeline Map
A huge ongoing personal project (originally begun in Flash but will migrate to HTML5) to track the characters and events of A Song of Ice and Fire in a day by day animated timeline map. The version shown here is a Flash application written in ActionScript with an HTML control panel that communicates with two separate Flash animations via JavaScript.