Phil Lowles

EnlightenmentHK website

A memorial website created for a friend I knew on the fan forum who tragically died at a young age. He was a strong character with many extremely memorable, intelligent and funny things to say and I created this website to collect all his great quotes and posts in one place as a resource for his many online friends.

Logo design

enlightenmentHK was the username of Thomas C. Wilcox on After his tragic death on 4 July 2009 at just 29 years of age, there was a huge outpouring of grief on which lead me to create this website in his memory, containing all of the intelligent, insightful and funny things he posted on Westeros and some other fan forums too.

I created the logo with the initials EHK big and bold, as the man himself was in life, but with the full username in a script font underneath.

Home page layout

EHK's forum avatar was a photo of Ronald Reagan, something he never fully explained, but it just fit him so right. He was a man whose politics changed significantly over the course of his time on the westeros forum and he came to see that he used to be wrong about a great many things. This was one of the things that made him such a respected member of the community. That and the fact that his arguments were so sound coupled with a cutting wit that let you know you were in deep trouble if you were opposing him in debate.

So for the home page design it made sense to use the two or three Ronald Reagan avatars that EHK used and expand on this theme with relevant pictures for each category and subject in the post archive.

The photo in the bottom right corner of the website is one that I cut out in Photoshop and applied a sepia filter in order to tie it in with the colour scheme of the website.

Quick quote via PHP switch statements

The quick quote box in the top right hand corner of the website is inserted via PHP switch statement. There are a total of 18 quotes and one is randomly selected every time the page is reloaded. The entire box is wrapped in an <a> tag with <span> tags around the Quick Quote heading at the top and the attribution line at the bottom to ensure their placement and styling. The link will take users to the post in the archive that the quote is taken from.